Faculty and Instruction Team

Network of GLI Partners

GLI recognizes the wealth of leadership experience in the SDA church worldwide. For this reason GLI will work towards incorporating this expertise in all its programs. GLI seeks to partner with recognized experienced leaders to draw on the vast experience of many ordained and lay leaders wherever they can be found. GLI is actively seeking to develop a team of instructional partners to work with the GLI staff around the world. We are currently looking for:

  1. Presenters. Some leaders with a long history of successful leadership practice in different settings will be invited to present interactive lectures or workshops.
  2. Pioneers. Some leaders who have served the church faithfully in non-church roles have had a deep impact on their organizations and communities. They will be invited to share the secrets of their success through recorded interviews, available on the GLI platform.
  3. Partners. Some leaders with broad experience in leadership and a deep understanding of the learning processes GLI is using will be invited to become partners of GLI worldwide.
  4. Associates
  5. Coaches

If you are interested in becoming part of the team, please email Dr. Baumgartner or Dr. Siebold.