What is LeadLab?

LeadLab is a dynamic multi-day learning event. Using a variety of learning tools, it provides leaders with opportunities to grow in a variety of leadership competencies. The specific competencies are adapted to and negotiated with each lab location.

LeadLab introduces leaders to a uniquely Adventist assessment tool to help leaders better understand themselves and others. It helps identify their predominant leadership style, understand its strengths and weaknesses, develop growth strategies that build on its strength and work around its weaknesses, and maximize their communication skills to work with leaders under their care.

LeadLab is integrated with eLead, the learning management system of GLI which is integrated with the F2F experiences and offers a growing array of resources for teams of leaders to help leaders address the church’s most challenging leadership issues.

LeadLab uses an adaptive partnership approach that draws on Biblical foundations, field research, and best practices. It is taught by a team of experienced leadership teachers and field practitioners.

Leadership Navigator

The Leadership Navigator is a unique tool to help leaders assess their leadership qualities and orient them to the essential areas of leadership for leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It encompasses five areas of leadership:

  1. Following the Master Leader
  2. Leading yourself
  3. Leading groups
  4. Leading organizations
  5. Leading through coaching & developing others

Participants in the LeadLab are led through a 360-feedback process from peers, coworkers and superiors. The assessment helps leaders leverage their strengths and identify growth points.


LeadLab runs for 5 to 15 days depending on the goals and availability in participating fields. Each day introduces core modules that bring together the best of leadership thinking and practice, with opportunities to discuss, challenge, role play, develop solutions, and apply them to real life situations.

As the partnership network of GLI grows, new programs will be developed to fit the needs of our partner organizations.