All F2F programs of GLI are supported by eLead, a dynamic online learning space designed to grow with the development of the community of leaders worldwide. eLead provides resources at all levels of leadership development carried out by GLI.

In order to address the needs of all leadership levels, eLead will develop appropriate learning resources in different formats, (printed, video, online, etc.) and for a variety of learning modes (individual growth, action learning groups, online course modules, etc.). These resources will be developed with one overarching goal, namely to provide a learning space designed to support the development of the leaders of Seventh-day Adventist church worldwide – in harmony with the mission of GLI.

Gateway to Leader Development

eLead will become a progressive online learning system that will serve as a gateway to specialized leadership resources as leaders engage in a journey of lifelong growth and creative leadership.

The platform will house an array of action learning resources for leadership teams cooperating on complex tough leadership challenges. eLead will both be a channel of communication as well as a learning space where resources are constantly created and made available to qualifying leaders.

Leadership Navigator

The Leadership Navigator is a unique tool to help leaders assess their leadership qualities and orient them to the essential areas of leadership for leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It encompasses five areas of leadership:

  1. Following the Master Leader
  2. Leading yourself
  3. Leading groups
  4. Leading organizations
  5. Leading through coaching & developing others

Participants in the LeadLab are led through a 360-feedback process from peers, coworkers and superiors. The assessment helps leaders leverage their strengths and identify growth points.

Network of GLI Partners

GLI recognizes the wealth of leadership experience in the SDA church worldwide. For this reason GLI will work towards incorporating this expertise in all its programs.

  1. Presenters. Some leaders with a long history of successful leadership practice in different settings will be invited to present interactive lectures or workshops.
  2. Pioneers. Some leaders who have served the church faithfully in non-church roles have had a deep impact on their organizations and communities. They will be invited to share the secrets of their success through recorded interviews, available on the GLI platform.
  3. Partners. Some leaders with broad experience in leadership and a deep understanding of the learning processes GLI is using will be invited to become partners of GLI worldwide.